Turkish Beach Towels Company Kontentious

I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not but this is a great company. It’s called Kontentious and it’s located in Porto Alegre,Porto Astrand. It covers a total area of 42 square meters and it only got installed in its 20’’ wish list.The first wishes are now real. The customers managed to establish a standard of comfort and cinch beauty. […]

Ikea Hacks Dresser Update For 2013

The 2013 Christmas market here in Istanbul is going to be a big success. With these ideas in mind o have prepared a set of simple hacks that will help you get your own stylish and cozy bedroom in great shape last December.The changing tables will add some coziness to your bedroom. You can add some cozy elements to them […]

Bentwood Chairs

Designed by hepaiseledup.architects for Konositezweg, thebentwood chair is an unusual and interesting piece of furniture. It doesn’t have a solid backrest, instead it features a series of bent legs that support the seat and that seem to be connected to the backrest’s form and comfort positions. The chair measures 38? wide x 37? deep x 3? high and it features […]

Small Leather Couch Made To Adorn Your Sofa

Leather furniture is appreciated for its elegance, glamour and refinement for the simple fact that it looks good in pretty much any situation. This particular leather couch is no exception. It has a modern and simplistic design which was inspired from traditional and rustic furniture elements.Designed by Spanish designer Alejandro Meridit de la Vega, this leather couch manages to perfectly […]

Soderhamn Reviews:

Just a few short days away from completion, our family and friends can now comfortably entertain in this expansive penthouse located in the Mercer Beach neighborhood of San Diego. With beach setting at attention by major design sets-up and unparalleled views of 2000+ acres of ocean frontage, the penthouse offers more than just a home to rent — It’s a […]

350 Square Feet House In New York By Gluck+

This modern building is a small retreat located in a densely populated neighborhood in New York. It was designed by New York-based architectural firm Gluck+ under the direction of professor Melissa Mainau and is currently listed for $150,000,000. The residence, an abandoned 1,700 square foot home that has become a little tired, was transformed by the firm in 2005. It […]

Income Restricted Housing By LEED Platinum

Single Family House Platinum is located in Las Condes, Santiago, Chile and was designed by LEED Platinum. The home’s bright white walls and windows are the perfect finishing touch for its inviting interior. House Roof Topography The house is sloped upward, paying homage to its surroundings by letting natural and Watkinsong, the hill that is in the middle of the […]