Vases Lamps From Delicate Art

For those who love flowers here it is a new trend and this vase lamp is from Delicate Art. It is a very feminine-floral lamp that will definitely give your home a soft glow. It is available in two sizes and makes you think of pure illusion: fragile flower petals and petals. All these petals are joined with delicate and […]

Wall Mounted Nightstand

Every now and then I like to take a look around and admire the whole picture. Now I could do that easily and imagine my own bedroom, with all the nicely decorated colored walls and everything in white. But it’s just a lazy move usually. For example I like flowers. They are nice and fragile but they are also pretty […]

Apartment Remodeling In Sweden

This beautiful apartment is located in a building that dates back to 1900. It has been recently renovated and now it also has a modern look but that, combined with the modern features takes it back to the original look. The interior décor is very beautiful and chic. It has a classical Sweden vibe, with the lines and the details, […]

Harry Styles Cologne, Néarmes, As Part Of A Large Private Residence

One of Europe’s most remarkable cottages are the Mayfair House, a modern adaptation brought back by oproject and soon to be built in 2010. Located in Mayfair-vail, one of the most central areas of the city, this beautiful and colorful building is a beautiful modern addition, perfect for mixing classical elements with a more modern approach. The building has a […]