Interior Design Podcast: Vintage And Modern By Melis Mantel And Delphin Mein

If you love elegance, good taste and classy simplicity than you will love the interior of designer jeans of Melis Mantel who recently announced their new collections called Dynamic Structure. They are characterized by their use of interwoven geometric forms that try to eliminate the perspective. The collection includes a bench, a stool and a bed. It’s impossible not to […]

Halley Elefante Architector

The alleyElefante project was a close collaboration between architect and building team. The team that worked at this project was led by general contractor Gilbartelsky and his wife Jenny. From there they focused on the house exterior, probably located on a steep hill, hill, and lake. The house was completed in 2008. The extensive site work characterises the work of […]

Stuck Light Bulb Light Fixtures By Michael Anastassiades – PiodonexLight Collection

If you are fascinated by the infinite number of pendant lamps and other light fixtures, you will surely love Michael Anastassiades‘ PiodonexLight Collection. Inspired by Archimania’s desire to create objects and decors that are reminiscent of a never before seen world, the collection includes light fixtures that are almost like warm glowing beings or creatures. They emanate a feeling of […]

Storage Mirror With A Beanbag Insert

It’s always fun to play with kids, especially when they like to help themselves and to feel like they have a grown up. So having lots of spare time for nobody’s creativity is not exactly great. But other kids will probably love having a storage room because they need it to store all their toys, books and other things kids […]