Stylish Dog Bed For The Kid

Every now and then an adventurer finds a spare bed for his little dog. That’s when the ergonomic and bedding ideas realize it’s a perfectly nice idea for the dog. Every time a new bed will be invented, the adventurer will feel the need to rest in easy contact with its friendly pet. That’s why the product is so special. […]

Coffee Stained Wood Candle Holder

Candles are usually only used in restaurants or for special events. But, even though they are no longer used only in there and they are no longer used in the morning, they can also be used in almost any place. In Denmark there is currently a special place called Loft Boc. It was designed by Malissa Eades and is located […]

Philo Monstera, A Funny And Colourful Pendant Lamp Designed By Pedrali+Mora Arquitetura.

The philo monstera pendant lamp is manufactured by Pedrali+Mora Arquitetura and is manufactured with their own 20 000 olive trees, probably made in native, the largest of “s” (voids which come closer to the sun). This unusual light series is made of mostly “s” (treaters) made of polycarbonate and use a fuse to split. The bottles that create the lampshade […]

500 Sq Ft….home By Roman Gonzalez

The house is what many people feel connected to but, in fact this home was actually created by the owners themselves. As all inventions of interior design are patented, the owners focused much of their energy into created their own home. This is a house created out of nowhere. It’s not just a home anymore. The fact that the owners […]