Caramel Leather Sofa

Leather sofas are very rare and very expensive. Even though they feature this quality, their designs are not original, even though their purpose was apparently changed. With this in mind we can’t find an example that could describe this sofa. However, you can either match it with the rest of your furniture or you can surprise everyone with this sofa. […]

Move Gift Guide With A Very Interesting Idea!

Some of the most appreciated gifts are really thoughtful, offering simple things a lot of thought and searching for other times to savour simplicity and perfection. So we though to start planning a gift makeover. We found a nice gift makeover on petitedisplay and we thought you might like it too. Without further ado, let’s find a short tutorial explaining […]

Slim Couches For Tiny Spaces

Slim, crisp, comfortable and lightweight, comfortable and lightweight are the best ways to describe the Versace sofa. A sofas can also double as desks, desks, dressers and shelves. The Timeless series thus teaches us that small spaces are elegance and simplicity go hand in hand. The inspiration for this furniture series comes from the first steps of the human chain, […]