Acrylic Computer Desk

Besides their functional use, the Capsule computer desks are very beautiful and their designs are perfect for any home or office. They are perfect because they are a combination between practical and decorative and they would make any home look more splendid and colorful. The combination is very elegant and beautiful and the design also allows you to use the […]

Floating Wall Table – A Convertible Piece Of Furniture That Solves The Lack Of Space With Style And Beauty

A while ago we showedcase a selection of our favorite living room coffee tables. We didn’t exactly find many such pieces, after all. But then, one of our friends who is a designer mentioned something about all the other types of tables. So we decided to tell you about a floating coffee table that also has some built-in storage compartments. […]

Silk Trading Company Called Silkscreen Collaborative Work From Pacific Environments

CoopAmi created a unique office space for their company, Pacific Environments. Among years they have been featured on corporate branding and worldwide recognition. But with jobs such as this one, it was particularly exciting to take your time to ensure the interior was as creative as possible but that was not always the case. As such, Davy Smith Architects came […]

Remodel Airstream House By A-cero Architects

Madructure is a residential project completed by A-cero Architects. The home is located in Madrid, Spain. Madructure by A-cero Architects: “This is a house on mobile that is discreet and blends itself with its place of residence. The micro-home has a modular structure, made by creating an atmosphere according to the qualities of the inhabitants and that future owners will […]

Costco Succulents Wall Garden

The succulents that surround me don`t always make me aware of their true beauty. But after I saw this cool wall garden I realized that they exist, even though their initial design wasn’t perfect. The wall is made entirely of recycled plastic spoons and this might make it difficult for you to find a good way to display the succulents, […]