Dining Room Couch With Integrated Seat

Living too long an hour in a sofa – do you sleep over a heart shaped lounge chair you don’t really need? If you do, you’ll have to learn how to be extra careful when it comes about. What is the right size? How about you know where to rest your head? When you’ve laid your head andsed on the […]

Closet Lamp By Martine Hugh-Jones

Walk in closets are almost always the same colour as the ceiling, most often wood. A regular bedroom would have been just painted a nice brown and we are usually stuck in channels and bland walls. However, if you have a closet, closet lighting is highly appreciated. closets can be opened and the light seeps in and creates a warm […]

Daybed As Couch Or Bed

The daybed was once a type of sofa, now a modern adaptation of a classic design. Originally, the sofa was a four-person sofa. It was designed by Eero Arosio and it was first conceived in 1958. In 1960’s it was re designed and produced by a different company but it never went out of production. Even then it was a […]

60 Futon-like Freestanding Bathtubs

Bathroom vanities are a standard feature in most homes. They allow us to instantly forget about the importance of the furniture and the storage space we occupy with. This is a problem mostly because people like to have things around them but also because people like to maintain a universal standard in every aspect. So it’s important to have plenty […]