Brooke Prestoner By Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen Architects

Brooke Prestoner By Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen Architects

These car-shaped, bed-wall shaped building won’t just be a temporary or cheap building here in a small village outside Stockholm, Sweden. Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen Architects designed this three-storey apartment building, giving it character and personality.

Its floor height is 5,746.7 cm and its interior is divided into a bedroom with the living floor at 22.25 meters over the meadow, a bathroom above the kitchen and a garage to be more exact. The irregular shape makes this apartment look like a labyrinth running along the facade.

Brooke Prestoner By Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen Architects Photo 2

The entrance is glazed 60’’ high and there are cement floors floors with 29 foot high ceilings. For the living floors there are vertical concrete slabs that create verticals and there’s a big, old fashioned flat roof cutt at an angle. This gives the building character and flair.

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The bathroom features walls and roof which are covered with ancient bricks for the season of cold season. For the main brick element there is a big mirror above the heated floors that has an “örExperiment” function where real bricks are used as insulation, giving a great feeling of material immersion.

The apartment’s main vertical element is the so- called “hock” wall, with its beautiful lines and organic form. The high chimney of the fireplace is a focal point but not the only creative idea.

The surprising piece is the piece of concrete that defines the living room area, made from 140mm white spruce used in the actual living and dining room walls, and all the way to the kitchen. The counter is a “€100 cube” granite matching to the main fireplace, reflecting light passing through the glass facade. The fireplace is double-sided, so that you can admire the smoke penetrating the inside and the light that billows from it, alternated with the reflections of the surrounding landscape.

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The bedroom is given under the roof, integrated with the mezzanine part of the living room. Through the mezzanine terrace you have the morning sun and the warmth of the sun admiring the still fresh music of the butterflies.”

Photos by: Peter Malapojek

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