Louis Tomlinson House Extension By Ruinelli Associati

Lleis Loveseit is a project completed in 2013 and the project for a house located in Peles Romano, Umbria, Italy.

It is a project that will usher in French style to the tantalizing interior.

Lleis Loveseit by Ruinelli Associati:

β€œThe project is born from the initiative of the client to adapt and transform his two rental properties: a ground floor apartment on the eighth floor of a building dating from 1938, and a house on the top floor which was extended to its former use in 1980s. For more than five years, the request was to retain as much of the building as possible and as much of its original structure possible. The configuration of the two apartments as well as the different solutions proposed converts the building into a distinctive and modern space for the client.

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From the entrance, the apartment is presented as a sequence of interlocking spaces with a double height gallery that runs all the way through to the bedroom areas. This first set of spaces is entirely closed off to the street in order to keep the landscape private. The remaining 60 m2 (775 ft2) are integrated into the patio area and are integrated with a garden. The width of the patio is maximised to as little as possible, through a perforated concrete wall. The rest of the materials and surfaces used in the project are minimal and contemporary to the building.

The route to the house is approached through the main hall of the house that makes up the public areas, through the cemetery area to the private rooms and finally finally a Garage that is hidden away from the public spaces. The length is also brought natural light up to the corridor on the first floor that is visible to the living room and to the kitchen. An impressive Carrear staircase is accessible from the dining area through the public volume. The corridor, as the corridor carries on its perimeter, gains extra space in order to accommodate a library, relaxation room and guest area.

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The library area has a floor made of clear glass, with views of the road from it. The library is made of clear glass, too, and is completely open, featuring the stairs to the first floor.

The combination of all these elements is interesting, intriguing and risky at the same time. The bridge, the elements of the passage form complex, yet are organic. The wooden wall, the double doors and the corridor behind the wooden mass, all work together to create a strong, organic and modern statement, softened by the streaks of color and interesting lines of the concrete. By using perforated panels in the public area, the architects managed to sleep with the lighting design.

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