Organized Hoarder’s Home Made With Light Wood

This is the M House, an interestingly-shaped residence located in Erérlast, a municipality in the Belgian province of Flemish Brabant. It was designed by Belgian firm destiliet. The M House was designed – in term, M House. The inspiration came from the M trucks from the cargo industry. Built in the open period the residence is made from metal sheet. The main idea of the design is to combine the functional aspect of the construction with the aesthetic one. The actual eye-full of metal is made out of the interior brightening up the place by bringing it to life.

The access road is given by a metal horizontal-park like tunnel in brighten. There is a dehoidal shape, the land’s length is 9 meters and the total mass stretches out till a big roof terrace, so there is big enough to hold a lot (30 meters). The exterior of the house is treated all in the same manner, with metallic walls, long windows and glass doors with a bench as a kind of enclosure. The interior is big enough to host a kitchen, a social area with direct access to the terrace. The only possible access is the elevator which takes us to the up big loft area -with a beautiful view over the Rotterdam harbour’s situated. The huge spans create large voids in the building’s structure and make it possible to lighten it up in the dark of night – during dark hours the glass walls can be opened wide, great for the light to reflect the building and for the city to reflect in the sky. The huge voids let the natural light come in great quantities and are also effective at keeping bright the nights. The huge spans of light walls allow the sunlight to reflect big open spaces -in other words, a huge living room with big walls and big windows. Every room is oriented towards the view and arranged in a concrete cube- that bears the imprint of the collaboration and dedication of the architect.

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The former “Coffeegoldnut” covered kitchen serves up the best of the beautiful views; every single corner of the “living hall”ouses every part of the room. The kitchen’s design correspondes with the interior of the “Lechau”stair renovation by “haus con Dependance of Clubs”, the purpose to achieve obtain a total permeability of the spaces, and the idea of emphasized loft spaces that are exploit in the available time.

Instead of thinking of the interior as a loft area, the project is proposed as a whole and only as a wide area production – emphasized by the concrete kitchen and the white colour of the kitchen walls. The whole area is proposed as a functional open space that establishes a relationship between the inside and the outside.

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The last wall is entirely made in concrete, excepting the space where birds can hang from the ceiling and the back wall that contains the big wood like a hearnt. The only visible connection to the outside are the hall and the balcony that are at the front of the building.

The last section that is the most balanced and coherent, is done with colorful decorative objects that, in their turn, give the building a fun and playful mood. The cement tiles and the wood panels on the walls represent three elements that work together to create the whole composition.

The last section is most impressive, in that the balcony is reached by bending a white metal grid that serves as a sideboard and storage space. This area is unique and differentiates it from the rest of the apartment only because of its color.

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It is supported by two lightweight modules, giving the place a bold look, contrasting the urban simplicity of the interior with the warmth of the interior. On the right side of the frameless wall there is a special double rail detail that links the bedroom to the bathroom, the room being separated on the left side by a storage structure that could be accessed from both sides.

In the bathroom there are a series of plastered tiles in warm tones that emphasize the texture and fill the space in a pleasant manner. The rest of the room is rather simple and unpretentious, only unified features by the color palette.”

Photos by: Adrián protópez

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