Bathroom Apartment With Views Through Windows

Bathroom Apartment With Views Through Windows

This beautiful apartment has one more great aspect to its design! It can be found in Gothenburg, Sweden and it is now on the market for 1.795 million SEK. The apartment is very bright, airy and it has large windows that let natural light in. The modern, oval shaped bathroom has white walls, high ceilings, straight wooden floors and grey modern furniture.

In addition, the building also has a long corridor that connects the hallway and the kitchen. As for the interior structure, there are two levels, the mezzanine with the bedroom and the kitchen. The kitchen is big and chic. In the living room there’s also a fireplace. It might not be a very spacious room but it’s definitely very comfy and inviting. It’s a traditional place for living. Overall, this is a small apartment but inside it still features a very functional and beautiful interior design.

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With a relatively large living space, the apartment is actually very bright. It’s a great place for sitting in the evening and to just relax without having to worry about anything. The living area includes a big bookcase along with a dining space. The kitchen is white and open. The living room is filled with all sorts of useful items and they have all been carefully selected. The high ceilings make this place perfect for relaxation and interaction.{found on alvhemmakleri}.

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