Brownstone Apartment Featuring Modern White Interiors

Brownstone Apartment Featuring Modern White Interiors

Located in the heart of Vaasa do Sal, in the Netherlands, this apartment has a very interesting interior. It’s contemporary and refreshing but there’s also a rustic touch hidden everywhere. The apartment measures a total of 2.600 square feet which is around 192 square feet. It’ s situated in the heart of Vasaparken, in the heart of Vaasa do Sal, in the heart of Saka. Since it’s located in an area characterized by secondary buildings, the apartment is not as imposing and clearly modern as its footprint may be, but it does have its own charm, something that makes it unique.

The living room originally had only one sofa in the living room. As a result, it was divided into two separate pieces that were then arranged to create a bigger space. The difference between the two separate pieces is evident everywhere. The enclosed kitchen and the dining area were contained within this volume. When not used for at this location, the kitchen can be seen as a bad view of the courtyard and the noise that is constant in the main area. It also faces the courtyard and the noise plough in the nearby balconies.

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The private bedroom of the apartment is situated on the second floor and is connected to the central staircase. This one is more secluded because it is not as big as the kitchen and it is a cozy alcove. From the entrance you can see the multifunctional kitchen and to make it seem less visually heavy, a side detail that also removes the visual barrier between the kitchen area and the rest of the apartment. The kitchen is filled with natural light coming from the large windows and because of the limitations of the distance between the kitchen and the balcony facing the courtyard, most of the cabinets are facing the window and that visually makes the kitchen area cozier. The corridor that connects the bedroom to the other rooms is filled with walnut wood and is used as a base for furniture, accessories and woodwork.

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The private bathroom has only one window corner. It’s not as small as one would expect, especially in this part of Vaasa do Lobo, a mostly neglected residential street in the city.

A series of generous wall surfaces made of wood panels displace the need for a framed wall and, in addition, the continuous window and wall fixtures of the main area make it seem bigger.

The corridor that connects the bedroom to the other rooms has a very similar structure. There’s a very beautiful lounge area where a large sectional goes white lacquered black, sitting seamlessly with a high gloss beige leather sofa. On the floor, the patterned areaboards are made of white plastic, which sets a contemporary and chic mood.

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