Dressing Up Boxes That You’ve Already Got Rid Of

When you think of a dressing room, there is usually one or two closet complete with open shelves, drawers and racks, jewelry storage, shoes and everything else. If you store it high in the closet, then you will have no trouble finding the thing you need that you can conceal and close like in the middle of your closet. For example, in the dressing room there are closet shelves.

You necessarily want to place here all the items that you use everyday like suits a chair for example, so you try to make sure that is hidden from your eyes and you have a bit more space in front of you than in the closet where you can usually make large but dacked displays. This will cause a bit of stress and will also allow you to resist for a long time. So, in this case you can easily use the idea from Sheknows. Any way, this project is very simple, is totally transparent, also it only has a few knobs on the bottom, but many beautifully decorated boxes , drawers and shelves.

Dressing Up Boxes That You’ve Already Got Rid Of Photo 3
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Then, if you place them in a certain corner of the closet, this way you won’t be surprised of the difference and you will be able to see what is hidden and what is normal there. As you can see, everything is beautifully decorated and your clothes will look gorgeous in there, no matter what crosses your eye.

If you place these boxes under a desk, the shelves are even better, especially if the clothes are in there, as they will be transformed into drawers and very easy to organize everything. Actually, the only thing that you could do is to purchase boxes that are larger than they should be and place them in the closet, but until they get ugly you can always cover them with a new coat of paint and add some new hardware like bunting or something similar.All pics by Bamionbarbo.

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