English Garden Apartments By 125C Architects

English Garden Apartments By 125C Architects

If you have not lived in or seen these apartments for long then you are probably already an admirer of them and they inspire you to redesign and decorate your garden according to your needs. For those who can afford the exteriors of a house it can be even more expensive and do not get the exteriors covered with a cover, a cloth and a carpet. They can even stay indoors all year on the terrace or deck. The balcony is the middle of the garden and this will allow you to create a fresh and colorful atmosphere.

125C Architects designed these apartments for 2009. Their task was to design a penthouse apartment for a family of four in New Taipei City. The clients came with requests for a contemporary design and for very exclusive attention to detail. The penthouse is the highest resolution that the apartment can get. It has beautiful facing concrete walls and floor tiles, open space living/ dining area, a private bedroom, kids’ bedroom and a not so large balcony.

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The color warm and happy colors like red, yellow are variable in each apartment. The color palette consists of mostly neutral colors combined with warm and pleasant tones like beige, brown or blue. The interior is mostly white with some touches of blue. Each apartment has at least two tones of blue and black. The apartment can be rented for a modest weekly area.{found on apartmenttherapy}.

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