Moon Cradle By Olga Novak

Moon Cradle By Olga Novak

Created by Polish designer Olga Novak,moon is a multipurpose apartment that is still in time and still very new.

The concept was adapted from a very simple space, and the steps required to create different space convertiveness in the living room. They took into account the functionality of the kitchen and the double bedroom, in order to obtain an inexpensive interior.

Having only a single room where the bedroom was combined with the social area, we have decided to replace this room with Circle. Because we do not have another bedroom, so the door is not closed, but only left open. It is a space that integrates two different functions. On one hand, the kitchen is opened to the living room, but in the same time it does not keep food or toys. On the other hand, a bathroom is separated from the bedroom only by a wall with a translucent panel that does not let in light, but rather conceals it. The bedroom is very well equipped with a bed, linen structure, table and appetite stimulator.

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The corners have not been placed according to the function of the room, so it consists of a house in itself. The social area consists of a kitchen, a dining room and finally the living area/bedroom with a double bed and a desk all located on a corner. The office can be accessed from the kitchen. The stairs that lead to the second floor of the apartment, where we have the bedroom, leads to the third bedroom, which has a large walk-in closet and en-suite bath made of wood and marble. This bedroom is very well organized, as there are closets and plenty of storage. Overall, it’s a very comfortable and bright apartment with a minimalist look.

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