Shelves Over Windows – Loft Space In Stockholm

Shelves Over Windows – Loft Space In Stockholm

At first, this may seem like a very unconventional and odd design but it’s actually exactly what makes it stand out. This is the 1-bedroom apartment located in Stockholm, Sweden. The apartment is currently on the market at the price of 9,ica. It’s situated in a building that dates back to 1963. Even though it’s quite small, the apartment has a total surface of 33 square meters. It’s almost sufflikely a somewhat tiny home. It has views of the city center and it’s not cramped even though we’re so enviaging in such a small space.

As the owners have declared, this apartment is a reflection of their simple lifestyle. The change was drastic, from short spaces to cozy nooks. The living spaces are placed in the corner, taking advantage of each of the existing views. This is not the typical Scandinavian apartment and doesn’t really seem that tiny, although the number of windows doesn’t go unnoticed.

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The kitchen and the bedroom form the center of this volume. The entrance features a series of sliding doors and there’s not a lot of furniture so everything closes in a natural way. The dining nook is placed in between the windows, facing the panoramic views.

The staircase is one of the elements that can link these two volumes. It’s made of transparent wood with plywood doors and lining and it leads up to the private spaces.The master bedroom is located parallel to the windows and has a total floor area of 90 square meters. The walls and closets are covered in glass with silhouettes that resemble house silhouettes. An interesting detail is the design created by the light fixtures on the ceiling. Moreover, there’s another very interesting thing about this apartment: that white plastered walls have OYA and G-DAUDI graphics on them.

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The bedroom is particularly unusual, considering that all the walls are white and the bed appears to float in the middle of the room. Still, this doesn’t make it less inviting. In fact, white is a color often associated with the cold winter days so the white walls ensure a welcoming and familiar ambiance inside the room, making the apartment seem more spacious.

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