Spacious Room, Elegant And Bright, Stylish House

Spacious Room, Elegant And Bright, Stylish House

The house is very spacious, but it is even more inviting because of the fireplace. The fireplace is very functional and it also creates a cozy interior. The rooms of the house are large and elegant and they benefit from every little bit of natural light that comes in. The oak parquet flooring with whiteib until ceilings heighten to a kind of wood that also covers all the space inside. The large windows reflect the light and let light invade the rooms.

The bathroom of the house is very spacious and it also has a corner bathroom. This room is not nearly as large as the living room, but it’s inviting and bright thanks to the all glass walls. The white furniture and high coffee tables add very simple and clear taste to the room and the white canvas is complemented by a matching white curtain.

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The kitchen is also white and mostly decorated, with white cabinets, black granite countertops and white floors. The white walls are complemented with mirrors and bookcases with black metal handles that provide extra storage space. The floor is also white and it has a border near the doors and shelves. The rose and gold tones delimitate the rooms and create a good sense of harmony, the result being a modern and bright living room that can be easily changed if needed.

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