Casaza Property Brothers Architects In Mexico City

Casaza Property Brothers Architects In Mexico City

This project was completed by Casa Santa Monica in collaboration with ils de viviénsa das le Serralunga, a team of professionals that have been working with various architecture firms in the past 15 years. The site is situated in Mexico City and has gorgeous views over the Ramblas Palace, one of the most important recent and most beautiful destinations through the Internet.

In an effort to preserve and transform the old stone villas, Manuel Soler Gonzales respected his history and decided to build Casa Santa Monica. This private residence has been restored and also aestciently designed.

These private projects usually take place on the outskirts of metropolitan areas. There, the architects work in two overlapping areas. The social zone is where all the social activities take place and it’s where all the family usually socializes. It’s an open area that includes the living room. The other half of the house is just for relaxation. It’s a sort of extended living area that can be easily accessed from the other side of the house or in the hallway.

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The two staggered groupings look like two homes sometimes. This is a common approach that both guests and the architects use. However, this option wouldn’t be very practical for everyone. The location that the villa is located in is great. It offers beautiful views, quiet and panoramic views and the design offers the perfect opportunity to add an extension to the terrace in case we make a few nights there are some guests that want to spend the night or simply enjoy the peace and quiet that the villa offers.

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