Costco Fair Tickets For You And Your Friends

For those who are looking forward to celebrate the festive season with a great party, a good place to start is with the House of Big Bow. The House of Big Bow offers 45 square meters of mosaic decorating the walls and bringing joy to the festival venue.The price of the house starts from $700 and up to several hundred dollars for every seat. The House of Big Bow is a superb place to eat, a great place to drink and a great place to spend lazy hours in the city and have fun or holidaying in a remote cabin.

Big Bow has one of the most expensive and spectacular apartments available. The furnishings of the house are very expensive and the decorator working there is an amalgam of attention to designing unique home furniture, interiors and architectural combinations. The house has unique infinity front, beautiful gardens and rooftop swimming pools.

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As the name in architecture declared, Big Bow is located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and, its been designed by Boja Gruppo Architects.The building’s structure and planning are very interesting. The main purpose of the project was to bring the life into the building while taking advantage of the location and the amazing views of the city. This was a very successful job.

The project area is 2,500 sqm and the total cost of it was US $14, 000. It’s because the couple wanted a private home where they would feel like aristocrats. After a lot of planning, they’ve created this wonderful combination between a place designed by Leonardo Parlau and a modern place that reflects their tastes and styles.{found on inhabitat}.

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