Dish Rack Cabinet Made From Solid Walnut

Dish Rack Cabinet Made From Solid Walnut

Living in the city has become a real wild land, where people are busy just for a few days a week, trying to become closer to nature. Architects and designers are making the house and garden place place place better, more like a living place, by creating these very interiors that are made of solid walnut. The place is made for a real designer’s retreat and you meet a very nice furniture collection made of small pieces that keep each other very well arranged. You can already imagine yourself seeing them in the pictures, as they look almost like small towers. You can also see it is an amazing idea.

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The furniture gathers many parts like tables, as all the pieces have their own function and they are the focal point, having that natural design that makes them so special. The pieces seem to be spikes of colour originally, but are made of very little wood, placed on the floor and made in a certain splinter of colour that keeps everything together. The middle area is the most interesting, as it is linked to every other area through that very white area between the counter and the wooden beam. The contrast is amazing, as it fuses the city in the upper side of the building, and makes the building look like a bigger tower. The product is a semi-buried chamber with a glass roof that offers a panoramic view over the whole city. It is positioned in such a way that you can admire the tree the height of the middle area, and the whole building seems to be an extension of the city. If you have a modern looking contemporaymented living room around it, this is your chance to make the best out of a building that is old and bare.

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