Dresser Makeover Of A Victorian House By GSG Ceramica

Dresser Makeover Of A Victorian House By GSG Ceramica

This house in the classical Victorian style was formerly the offices of a Victorian mining company. With time it got worn out and bad quality including faulty structural components and indoors heating systems. It then became Chateau Mont Breacour in concert with the esthetics to create an extremely beautiful house. The house is located in Mont Breacour, Quebec, Canada.

After a complete makeover everything was changed and a new house was created. The roof structure was restored and the walls were replaced with flush windows. The house is very beautiful indeed and the interior décor is simply stunning. The most important portions from this category of houses are the ground floor which is basically a single open space, the living room and foyer, the big two bedroom suites and the foyer which is flush with a white wall.

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The house is very relaxing and inviting, featuring a combination of classical, rustic and modern elements and combining them beautifully. The interior décor is elegant but simple and the colors used are neutrals and the wooden floors keep the balance. To make the house look stunning, wooden beams have been carved into the walls from where several large windows offer beautiful views.

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