Mandal Ikea Wides A Park With Water

Mandal Ikea Wides A Park With Water

A home doesn’t need to be big and impressive in order to be beautiful. We’ve all seen such houses but we never realized how successful they are at creating cozy and inviting decors. This is a small but colorful cottage created by Sou Fujimoto Architects. It’s sits on a very beautiful site that the architects had to renovate. The cottage still looks modern and minimal but it also has a tropical feel. The owners wanted to be able to enjoy the outdoors in the same conditions they used to.

The architects created a large master bedroom with a large walk-in closet and plenty of closets inside seamlessly connecting the rooms. The cottage also has a swimming pool. The house sits on a very beautiful site on a very beautiful and romantic site. The interior is quiet and elegant, with beautiful hardwood floors and beautiful cherry beams that join the beams and create a strong visual impression.

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The exterior of the cottage features a traditional style. The interior however is very modern and minimalist. The front of the house is entirely white and features plaster. This creates an unobstructed view towards the exterior. The cottage looks very clean and fresh, having nothing that’s of concern. It’s a unique place and it has a very charming interior. The furnishings reinforce this feeling. The kitchen, the dining area, the living room and the bedroom are all very spacious and functionally decorated.{found on archdaily}

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