Md Canvas Storage

Md Canvas Storage

MD-5110 was a controversial and out-of-the-box idea that has become a famous image lately. However, the project was not impossible nor was it impossible. The problem was, during the construction of the tower, the clients had to take care of the electrical and plumbing needs. The tower was a one-person project.

The clients spent several years to make sure they would have enough electrical supplies and with a little help from the crane. The time had to allow him to fully enjoy living as a modern, comfortable house. The residence still has an industrial feel due to the materials and finishes. However, it got the modern and sustainable features that the clients were looking for.

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The beauty of the house consists in being able to sit and sit comfortably on the wooden cantilever. It’s an illusion that makes it more similar to a barn. The windows are large and the interior décor is fresh and very inviting. The primary material used for the project is zinc. It all starts with the exterior. The zinc offers structural resistance and insulation and it goes all the way up to the roof. The windows have plastic frames that are UV and water-resistant. The interior décor is very warm and cozy. The wooden floors create a light and inviting atmosphere while the furniture adds a little rustic flair.{found on designsponge}.

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