Plantation Shutters Pictures For A Bit Of Colour Coordination

Plantation Shutters Pictures For A Bit Of Colour Coordination

Although there are so many fantastic site visits made to my previously purple and black home, I have never looked at both sides of my house in the same day. Can II Residence by Studio Schicketanz is a perfect place to spend some quality time together in a small space to recharge your batteries and let you get away so revitalized.

There are two plan forms, set on different floors to enjoy different settings and views. One plan is more open and invigorating while the other is more conservative and formal. The public / common spaces of the house are arranged against the private exterior lines passing through this great timber shutter. These two parts of the house are united through a great common reception and staircase. The beauty of this project is that each part of the house is defining itself yet remaining united as a whole.

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The flooring is made of natural pebbles while the walls are made of white plaster. Simple but striking, modern and elegant, the look of this residence is given by the very choice of material. In the corridor, there are white wooden stairs coming together but not necessarily going together. As for the furniture, it is simple and well refined.

The great common areas like the kitchen and the dining room are furnished in white and wood, while a more private and intimate space is left open-air in order to bathe the rooms with the beautiful view outside. The bedrooms are really elegant, furnished with high style beds and dividing jardins. Do make in the middle, where you find a big mat walk.

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