Rattan Cane Surrounded By Greenery

Rattan Cane Surrounded By Greenery

All these types of houses have one thing in common: they are somewhere around the world, open to each other and they feature common similarities and common features. That’s how most of them manage to impress with their unusual designs. This house is one such example. It’s an impressive structure that has a unique design and a very inspiring design. In case you didn’t know what this special thing is, it’s a cane.

The house is located in São Paulo, Brazil and it’s a 500 square meter building. It was designed and built by Brazil-based design practice David Arsham in 2009. It features a very interesting design that hides multiple functions. There are no huge glass walls and doors. This was a project that focused on creating an organic, rounded and beautiful residence with a modern design.

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The residence was designed as a flexible open space plan that would be organized around the central lounge. It’s where the dining room, kitchen and private meeting area are situated. The kitchen has a simple design, with minimalist lines and a modern shape. It also features stainless steel appliances. There’s also the lounge which is a larger volume that includes the entrance hall, the reception area and the terrace. This is also the delimitation between the social and the private spaces. There’s also a second volume that contains the office, the laundry, the living room and the bedrooms. The whole structure is enveloped in glass. The atmosphere is very casual and relaxed.

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