Roar + Rabbit-adorned House In New York

Roar + Rabbit-adorned House In New York

This extraordinary New York house was built by John Shaw Architect in 2008. And he kept it simple, without many decorative accessories and without furniture. Well, I think he did a great job and we should all do that in the same time. Located in New York, this wonderful two story house has been designed keeping in mind industrial details in order to give it a fresh look.

This house is a model of efficient townhouses. Actually two townhouses. It has three bedrooms, three baths, a powder room and two living rooms. The master bedroom is very high and has a large roll. It looks like a pile of metal beams. It is indeed a model building.

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Using a lot of wood and not too many colors, it is almost a pallet of elegant residence in New York. The rooms are separated by a great old wooden staircase and it is indeed a model of a townhouse. Now if you go to the basement, you see a special residence because in there is an elevator which takes you directly to the basement.

If you use the whole city to build your house, why not use the courtyard? That is the place where you can use the terrace near the pool for cooling and socializing?

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