Tension Rods Ikea Castle In Amsterdam

Tension Rods Ikea Castle In Amsterdam

This quiet, beautiful and peaceful property in Amsterdam is an old castle bought when the owner of the castle was a student and spent it years doing things that were the way he wanted. The building was really old and had lots of stories to tell so it was a challenge for the designers to preserve those elements and to make them work for their clients. As a result, they created this beautiful estate.

The castle actually faces a concrete pillar that looks like a giant concrete pillar from the outside. For example, the building is actually an old shipwreck that has been abandoned for years. Now it’s time to turn it into a residence for its owners. Last, but not least, they have two demands that I can make this work harmoniously. The first was to create a smooth and seamless connection between the interior and the exterior.

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The second goal is to create a sense of calmness and relaxation. The architects used Rainfall London’s philosophy of turning down but lending their ideas a place for relaxation. As for the materials used, the castle was built of concrete, granite and timber wood.{found on architez and pics from Tori Kuchins}.

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