Tide Stick House In New Zealand

Tide Stick House In New Zealand

Esuoh House was designed by Hookau Architects as a place where the natural and the cultural could mix and combine in a way that suits their purpose. The place is located in Hookau, New Zealand and was completed in 2011. Even though the exterior is nothing special, the interior definitely has something special.

This new extension or home is unique and very beautiful. It’s a project designed by Paul Archer Design Studio and it was completed in 2011. As you can see, the house is defined by a series of parallel spaces with fluid and sculptural lines and volumes. This home would have to offer great flexibility and flexibility when it comes to the design and location of the new spaces.

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However, in the future there could be some flexibility in the design of the house. The architects wanted to explore the possibility of a multilayered design. As a result they designed the extension to be structured on three floors and multitasking spaces for each specific function. The residence is then composed of an open plan ground floor with a series of courtyards and social spaces. The top floor contains a guest area with a day room, gym, music room and terraced garden. The ground floor is for entertainment and it contains a series of living room and dining areas with a beautiful family room and music balcony as well as a kitchen.

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