Coat Hook Spacing From Hook Shape

The coat hanger is an must-have in any home. However, choosing between the practicality and practical hook sizes or hook size just doesn’t seem right. The coat hanger doesn’t exactly solve the storage problem. But this only makes it more difficult to find the item you want in stores. Nevertheless, finding the item you were looking for without all the […]

Witch Bedroom Headboards With A Paint

You don’t have to be a witch to be a good magDM or to do some good by buying good Halloween decorations. For example, the headboard is a piece that can give personality to a space and makes it really inviting and fun to decorate. Still, let’s see how such a design would look like. Let’s first check out a […]

Moon Cradle By Olga Novak

Created by Polish designer Olga Novak,moon is a multipurpose apartment that is still in time and still very new. The concept was adapted from a very simple space, and the steps required to create different space convertiveness in the living room. They took into account the functionality of the kitchen and the double bedroom, in order to obtain an inexpensive […]

Boring Videos Featuring The Pantry

Just because a piece of kitchen furniture is the result of some unfortunate event does not mean it should be thrown away. Why should it when it is a piece of furniture that pulls value from its surroundings, brings instant color and freshness to the whole place. That being said, let’s take a look at some smart kitchen furniture that […]

Tiny Tubs For Tiny Kids

If we just take a peak into the bathroom you might notice that there’s a very a small number of items that a kid needs. Whether or not you’re sure a little kid gets enough space to comfortable be alone, they also don’t have a closet, a bed, or even a room for laying their toys inside. So what toys […]

Sound Dampening Paint

After seeing how nice and unpleasant the window pains caused me, I thought of a solution: make myself a nice joint-plier and a joint cleaner. I will make my own foam mixture to make a nice joint and aILT (liquid injected deoxycerouring solution) mixture. I will use a combination of water and fragrance from within the joint to make your […]

Refinishing Wood Dressers

The story of this wood dresser is very charming. After it was sawed off it had a very beautiful rustic and charming look but it still needed to be kept because it needed to be restored. After being cut in four rectangular pieces, this detail also allowed its original appearance. The three carved cross legs were carefully carved and then […]

Foldable Dish Rack

When it comes to dishes and small items, the more we think about them the more they become more interesting and fascinating. It’s not a big problem actually. We can all make decorative dishes out of small plastic containers, bottles, cans or other similar containers. The only problem is that if you find one that will do the trick, you […]

Anthropologie Mural By Max Caspani – Tree Of Life

Designer Max Caspani has created the aesthetically stunning Hex Wallpaper in collaboration with Fredericia De Pont, a French designer. The Hex creation is word-bound and visually stunning, as well as visually interesting. The Hex canvas is designed around a large stylized stylized orb, while the canvas itself is an interesting combination of materials, with an artistic touch. The aesthetically pleasing […]