Eames Coat Rack

By now there’s been known climatic aspects in the area: the sun, the rain, the cold. It’s not a very good idea to start with a specific weather phenomenon like coldness, but also among all the elements that affect us everyday. A rainstorm, for example, can modify the whole appearance of a building. A spring is not ideal, especially if […]

Adult Pinatas: Dining Room Décor

When you’re a kid there something special about dinner dates. I don’t know why. I usually like to have dinner around the family, around the little ones and maybe even at least one of them… sometimes in private when you want to spend time with your family or your friends or whatever the case is. In that case you better […]

Refrigerator Bin

Use the inside out as storage for all your tiny items, or recycle it and make it a great fit for the kitchen. It’s clever and very practical and it’s made of food scale. This food bin can hold all your kitchen items and they all stay there without wasting. It’s made of natural bamboo that has been certified by […]

Paperwhite Bulb Light Fixture Design

When it comes to choosing a light fixtures, it’s very difficult to find the right style. It’s not as easy as you might think. Today we’re going to take a look at a very interesting light fixture that has a very simple but very interesting design. The paperwhite bulb light fixture was designed by Rabih Hormack and it features a […]

Pics Of Wainscoting

Wainscoting is fun, everyone knows that, so when it comes to interior design, wainscoting is an ever popular, popular pattern. I think it’s also a timeless pattern and it will always work with everything. Here are some tips on how to create a beautiful, colorful living room in your own home. Start with the Walls. Having wainscoting in your home […]

Store Scarves By Muriel Moeller

Feeling crafty? How about try making a cute pin board? You can do that with a few everyday sewing supplies. All you need for this project is a plywood sheet, some paint (optional), a drill and sandpaper. Feel free to pick any colors you like. In the case of the picture where you have the pens and pencils on the […]

Shallow Cabinets With A Rectangular Shape And A Minimalist Design

Shallow cabinets, even though they might seem very simple and delicate, are not always the case. These functional spaces often lack character. But if you have the space for it, then it’s something unique and unique. Today we come with a different concept that proves simplicity and practicality can coexist is style. Today we’re presenting you a very interesting kitchen […]

Pool Noodle Hacks And Lanterns

Just two of the elements that you can use for the decoration would be an aquarium. It doesn’t have to be an expensive one. You can just use a small pipes and fittings. The only materials you need are an aquarium and a water pump.Now we’ll take a look at a few DIY projects.The are three similar models. There’s the […]