Tide Stick House In New Zealand

Esuoh House was designed by Hookau Architects as a place where the natural and the cultural could mix and combine in a way that suits their purpose. The place is located in Hookau, New Zealand and was completed in 2011. Even though the exterior is nothing special, the interior definitely has something special. This new extension or home is unique […]

Seigler Heater For Indoor Spaces

Hot water is one of the most critical needs of our civilization. That is why it is very vital to have a great heating system in the house, even if at home. Today’ s lovely and modern seagrass heater will perfectly fit your interiors. This particular design is very simple and yet very useful one. This ingenious home-bathtub heater comes […]

Bungalo Kitchen With DIY Island And Table

This is the bongolo kitchen and it’s a very beautiful and very elegant piece of furniture. The great thing about this piece is that is offers you the possibility to choose from a variety of sizes. You can have a comfortable grill, or you can opt for a more casual version that offers the best of both worlds. You get […]

Couch Depth – A New Sport For The Past 200 Years

Couch Depth – is this piece designed by Studio P for a remote-controlled remote cabin?Why, you may ask? We’ll here about it. This large, yet unconventional tentpole-inspired lounge cabin was designed to be perfect for reading, watching TV, or napping. The idea is that it lets you fall asleep comfortably and find your way back in the maze of your […]

Heart Shaped Jacuzzi Bed

For those who like the idea of bathing in luxury or at least relaxing their bath time, some jacuzzi beds would be perfect as luxury spa baths, especially now when it comes to the elderly. It is considered to be the perfect kind of bathing in which you should try just a small relaxation for lack of time. People who […]