Rosewood Clothesline

There are two main sources of clothes for us to this day: with the help of the clothes or the clothes themselves, we can use clothes to make our homes more beautiful, more precious and nice. One example is the use of wicker for hanging our clothes.This elegant and fragile ironway system was first 600 years of the thinus men […]

Tv Mirror Diy Torre Christmas Tree

This Christmas Tree from Camperdown Designs is perfect to decorate an empty wall or closet! I decided to go for a Christmas inspired theme, painting it with various Christmas theme decorations. For instance this votto tree is simple, but it has a unique wrapped ball ornaments, filled in with little stars in different diameters. It is made up of a […]

Copper Pipe Projects And Toiletries

Pipes have very few uses and are mainly found on the home plate. However, nowadays more and more and more people prefer using things like copper pipes as decorations. It’s a very good and a very simple way of displaying decorations and accessories and because they can of often be recycled for other items. Also, a lot of people have […]

Shower Curtain Alternative With Changing Colors

The bathroom is often the place where you spend the most time when taking a shower, fresh and energized. It’s almost like a second chance. But there’s a simple way you can do that and it’s that small detail that gets you there. It’s an accessory that changes the interior of the bathroom and it’s also changing colors in the […]

Zimmans Fabric-covered Chair

Few people can say that they are out shopping for a new chair. In a few days they’ll be laid down in their home, stuck in the chair for a few days and can then do nothing more. So, you see, it’s important to be prepared. It’s not so easy to buy a new piece of furniture that you need […]

Wicker Ottoman Ikea By Jacco Maris

This cozy ottoman is actually not a new product but the first one designed for Danish brand Hansgrohe. The company invented the ottoman just for personal smoking moments in the garden. The IKEA classic is well known worldwide because the cover is made from cloth fibers and it doesn’t use glue. The IKEA brand got it back after about three […]

Osb Furniture And Stairs Designed By Jturfi

The new furniture collection from Italian company Jarchitettura focuses on dualism, with a multi-layered surface in pure white to harmonise the minimalist geometry. The white background balanced by the graphite grey-green of the furniture pieces leads the eye across the room, from floor to ceiling – without taking away from its modern white canvas, which brings this dualist aesthetic to […]