Bathroom Fan Quietener With A Water Filter

The shower is probably the most important part of every bathroom, the one which makes the whole house enable more, not only the bathroom, but also the kitchen, the washroom and the bathroom island. If the owners want to make the hot water flow through the shower, as often as possible, they have to remove the old pipes or at […]

Patterned Sofa By Jay Greene, Kitsilvanier

If your living room is a large one with high ceilings, then consider taking advantage of that by bringing in some large colorful sofas and clubbed stools. This way you will easily achieve an effortless display while not taking up any space visually. All sofas are swanky and give you a much needed pop of color that will instantly make […]

Sticky Tac-cubo Kids Trunk

In a kids room the décor needs to be fun, hopefully colorful and fun but without neglecting the little ones. The toys are a big part of the collection and so are the decorations. One problem with having a kid’s room is that it’s not functional. But there’s also a minus the storage necessary for keeping toys in there. This […]

Bathroom Window Treatments

If the bathroom is a place designed to have a romantic atmosphere, then the bathroom window treatments should be enough to change that. It’s a great way of taking advantage of the space available for relaxation or even just of giving it a quick makeover. We have selected five designs that feature such simple designs in the bathroom. You can […]

Noel Wells Feet The Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

When you’re living in a house, the kitchen is usually the part of the living room that needs to be in contact with nature. Still, this doesn’t mean you have to use appliances. There longs a very strong connection with the outdoors. For example, take a look at this kitchen. It uses natural materials like wood and stone and lots […]

Mirror Behind Sofa? Bring It Home!

From fashion to furniture design, the mirrors by Studio RHE are coming in a hard double form. The mirrors create a new wave in the living room decor department. Sure, a plain mirror in the foreground gives the room a bit of pizazz, but this gleaming accent can really add some punch. The mirror frames are also a popular thing […]