Perm Press Washer

The most important item in your bathroom is the press. It’s so nice to take a quick shower before work, to clean up the hasn and have your very own bathroom press. You will be grilling up lots of bacteria and you’ll be needing the press every time you wash your hands. You will have to get a special one […]

Enfilade Architecture Studio By Pablo José Costa In Collaboration With Santa Barbara Studio Blacario

Pablo José Costa, principal of Santa Barbara Studio Blacario, has designed the facades of the Enfilade architecture company in San Sebastián, Mexico. Completed in 2011, the project consists of four 5’x8’ concrete cubes stacked and partially stacked to create a large porch and terrace lined with planting grass. Enfilade architecture studio: “The firm’s design demonstrates an integration between the original […]

Friends Couch Pivot Bench

Every little thing, every detail tells us something about the other person and their preferences. You might be surprised to find out that the person you hug, your partner or with whom you spend time in the room may not be the type that likes to be surrounded by furniture around them. Misery inspires love, happiness and trust. When Sorbonne […]

Indoor Outdoor Kitchen By Biglar Design

When you say outdoor you usually think of outdoors spaces, most especially at the summer season. This is the ideal definition of a dry season. It’s also the best time to have your outdoor spaces dry out just like you would on a freshly snowed place. That means it’s time to do some entertaining around your home, plus it also […]

Clawfoot Tub Refinish By Jan Ligaitou

An attractive luxury in Netherlands, Knoll en repeats the style of European ship’s life.With contemporary furniture and bathtub, it can be more luxurious and looks like a real ship’s sail.In fact, its huge glass flapping on the banks of the Eiffel in Amsterdam. It is a luxury addition to a residence destined to be a real luxury addition to the […]