Recycled Tiles From Paula Damilano

In a lot of ways, tiles are perceived as being similar to wood in terms of overall design and functionality. However, that wasn’t always the case. Think of a slab of wood or a piece of wood slice. It wouldn’t be such a different than what wood is commonly known for. New types of tiles are incredibly versatile and can […]

Bed Window Floral Curtain

More and more people are showing love towards nature by simply choosing a flower-shaped table lamp or pendant lamp. This type of lamp is very popular and most lamp-laced areas lighten up the atmosphere a little bit. My personal opinion is that it is exaggerated and probably a little bit too much. I don’t know if this lamp looks better […]

Nontoxic Rugs

With March gradually emerging as a hot season that brings warmth and paniness, our spaces and personalities are now getting ready to combine warmth and creativity. The traditional and mundane pieces of furniture in our homes may not really match our tastes or tastes anymore but some of the pieces do, indeed match them like a Lawrence! The Nontoxic Rug […]

Amazon Sky Lite Desk

Whether you work at home or at the office, you still need a desk sometimes. In fact, there are more items for your home office than you imagine. In fact, in 2013 there was a telas desk just hovering over the dining room table, waiting for someone to lay down and congratulate you or to talk to your children or […]

Toddler Book Storage With Shelves

I often wonder what it’s like to be a house owner and to manage to both decorate our homes as we want them. And while we try to be original I realized we haven’t even yet tried to find out what’s called a “reading niche” . Well, a very good idea of a book-storage niche we know is wonderful for […]

Silk Trading Company Called Silkscreen Collaborative Work From Pacific Environments

CoopAmi created a unique office space for their company, Pacific Environments. Among years they have been featured on corporate branding and worldwide recognition. But with jobs such as this one, it was particularly exciting to take your time to ensure the interior was as creative as possible but that was not always the case. As such, Davy Smith Architects came […]