Floating Sink Faucets

The sink faucet is part of the bathroom faucets collection and designed by Yves Behar. The faucet is created with a single rectangular element that connects the two elongated parts at a 90° angle. It also has a separate, matching drain placed exactly in the corner of this half of the body which makes it space saving and functionally divided. The design is based on a simple orthogonal shape with round corners and a low, horizontal front.

A long, flexible line of the double spout provides a convenient and continuous spout thanks to the double nave and continuous arm. The faucet is available in two styles, with Anouk that is missing the handles or with Inoueefsky. Both are equally elegant and inviting and beautiful in their own ways. You can complete your bathroom with a pull-out faucet and a sink faucet or a countertop sink faucet. The Asoueefsky and Norval chairs are particularly appropriate because of their simple and timeless design and the way they look with the handles.

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