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Integral Sink From Villeroy & Boch – The Integral 120 Cm Sink

Integral Sink From Villeroy & Boch – The Integral 120 Cm Sink

The integral sink from Villeroy & Boch is serious style. In sharp contrast to all the other ones, this sink stands out for all the right reasons. It’s very simple and only has four protruding sinks and nothing looking like a regular sink. However, this one is a master of simplicity. The sink is made of stainless steel and has sat in a satin clear, matte or white finish. Its defining feature is the double sink, which is 22 mm thin and very long. Its oval shape allows this sink to be complemented by an elegant shape and a simple overall design that allows it to be easily integrated into just about any type of bathroom.

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It can be installed at your sink counter height and it will give you a sensation of security that most people can only dream about. The Roman counterweight’s weight ensures its durability. The weight ensures that the sink doesn’t modify or lose any weight. This double sink is delivered together with a push-pull pre-built upwards the sink feature. The dimensions of the Roman sink are 22 x 59 x 83 cm (1.18 x 50 cm).

The Roman sink is a great way to add some industrial charm to your bathroom. In terms of material, it is made from a combination of stainless steel and brass. The design is simple and features a stylish matte finish. This is not the type of sink that your beautiful stainless steel sink would look perfect on its own. It only comes in white.

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