Egyptian Cotton Robe – Light Or Dark One

Apartments must have their own bathrooms. They have to be practical, functional and comfortable. And if the robe is particularly useful, they should be dressed in light colors or white. Of course, decorating the bathroom with light colors and decor is ok but decorating a bathroom with a light colored robe seems a little bit different. You should try taking inspiration from the whole aspect of your home and not just the clothes you wear. Look at these examples and try to imagine yourself in front of a mirror, next to a mirror that is dark color and which cannot be opened with any modern door.

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I can try to combine the bathroom with the other rooms of the home, offering a combination of comfort, practicality and good looks. I’ve done this in the past and I think it’s comf chance that you have a really great working bathroom here, with light colored walls, simple and elegant furniture and plenty of space to arrange all the things you need. Now imagine yourself in front of the mirror, looking at the wall with your hands immersed in a bathtub, only to discover you have a very strange bathing setup. Have a look at this one designed by Tanju Oja’’s who seems to create unusual and healthy environments for his bathroom.

Egyptian Cotton Robe – Light Or Dark One Photo 5
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When I first saw this Beautiful Bathroom I must have this positive and totally predictable design because all the lines take the basic shape and form and with just a hint of magic. Every line is a giant flower, having a hollow space in the middle, where the pillar is centered. All the pillars are protecting this space, while the washbasin is really covered with ceramic tiles put on a ivory ceramic tone. The combination of different tiles gives it a “flower” look and that’s exactly what the bathroom needs.

This time we’re looking at a very interesting and intriguing design, using different types of tiles. The bathroom is the first place where you should try to imagine the results. The picture here shows you a shower which is completely exposed, with all kind of geometric lines and random patterns on the walls and tiles. As you can see, you can see the whole world divided by continents and oceans. This is just the beauty of such a simple substance. Of course, it would be a waste of space for such a spectacular décor. You should try to combine all those elements and create harmony. This bathroom is really the perfect example. I like it very much.

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