Modulares Closet With Wall Units

Modulares Closet With Wall Units

If you have a large bathroom and you don’t know what to decorate in that particular room, a very good idea would be to find a save design solution. You might have enough space for some wall shelves, maybe even a custom unit with shelves. They will provide you with some useful storage space and they will also make the room look and feel more inviting.

One simple and ingenious idea would be to build a wall unit with wall shelves. You would need a variety of supplies and materials including three rods, wood, casters and pegboard. The idea is very simple. You just need the pegboard and the shelves, all cut and installed on the same wall. It’s just as easy as it sounds.The entire wall measures about 22.6 inches W x 14.5 x 13.5 inches. It’s a medium-sized unit but it can also accommodate large collections.

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The two shelves can be easily adjusted. There should be enough space for the bathroom collection bottles for example and two additional bottles that can be placed on each side of the unit. You can also adjust the measurements if you want to obtain a larger unit. The two shelves can be used separately or a combination between them. The bottles need to be rolled down a section of the rack so that they can rest against the walls.

The hooks attached to the wall unit feature different heights. The mixes are also adjustable. If the rack is not exactly straight then you can try vertically adjustment.The wall unit comes in a variety of colors and finishes, including white, grey, metal and others. It’s simple, easy to set up like a portable device and it’s suitable for both small and large bathrooms.Available for $70.

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