Fjellse Bedding Set By Francesco Poli

Fjellse Bedding Set By Francesco Poli

The bedding has to be soft and cozy. A bed without sheets and pillow stuffing is not so friendly you’ll enjoy much instead of full relaxation. And sheets and pillow stuffing can also be very uncomfortable when you realize that some soft fabric has dropped. That’s why a sombrero bedding set is the perfect choice. It will always have some extra softness and it will also look good when there just isn’t enough room for it.

This bedding set from Francesco Poli is just what you need. It’s a set composed of five modules with removable covers in charcoal, white and sky blue. The main module comes with pillow inserts and it includes the pillow top, the sheet and the inserts. The burlap inserts are more durable than the envelope pillows and they are also resistant in time. In order to be able to use these pillows indoors, the bedding must be removed between storms. This way you’ll never have to worry about the weather or the fact that a service isn’t needed anymore.

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The second module includes the pillow cases, the inserts and the pillow slats. The slats are designed to offer support for the upper module and its removable sideboard. This particular bedding set is made from cotton and tulle. It’s soft and comfy and it also has a versatile design that allows it to fit nicely in both standard-size bed frames and also in box sets. The set includes one comforter and one filler. The price varies between $39.99 and $59.99.

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