Anthropologie Wall Paper, From Kontenta

People sometimes need extra space when they live in small spaces. This means they spend a lot of time thinking about storage, saving all the space for the special items that will clutter the space and they also need space for certain objects that could be otherwise left free or that could be safely kept in the rooms. This is usually the case with interior designers that have to deal with this concern.

An extra wall can be the perfect solution for an empty room. It gives you a space where you can keep everything and only add a few decorations that can change your perspective. It might even provide you with some extra storage space. This magazine rack is a great example of how you can functionally use the space you have available.

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You can use it to store books, decorations, magazines or all sorts of items. It has an unusual design because it doesn’t really have any hooks. Still, it doesn’t have to feature the same color. This is just an accessory that sits in a room that doesn’t really need a lot of space to save room. You will only be able to hang things when certain conditions are met. So decide what you want to store in it before you buy it. For example you need to separate the books from the magazines or to maybe display them in a nice frame.

The extra space that remains can be used in other ways. Then it can become an entertainment center where you can sit and listen to music or read books. In the bedroom you could put a TV in the place where there’s usually sofa or bed. In the living room you could use some shelves where you can keep some books, as a partition between reading corners and relaxing family photos. This unusual design is a reflection of the idea that people find this space extra and that it can be used for something else.{found on seekinteriors}.

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