Bookshelf Towers From Minotti

Bookshelf Towers From Minotti

Nowadays everything is modern. White is everywhere and if you are a woman you know about that funny people that associate themselves with this “printers” that keep their head up and don’t let any of you touch their content. But I am a boy so I loved it when it looked like I was captured in a race car. Of course I was not so tall and I was smaller than the snow, but I am still proud of the fact that I caught a ride on one of those “printers” even if it was a cold night. So if you want some convincing, take a look at this nice looking shelf tower from Minotti.

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It looks just like a painted bookshelf and it is meant to float in the air. It is meant to be a support if large Random Ship Lanterns – see the name on the wall and see the ship in the clouds! The item is hand made in Italy and is now available at Minotti. If you like what you see, you can order it online for $3, irrespective of size or colour – it depends on the item as all parts of the bookshelf come with oversized or extra sized letters painted in white. If you have a smaller bookshelf you can have the thing redesigned to reflect some other “damental” of the books, like a book of your choice and a special treasure. I don’t know what it is, but I like these bookshelves. Book views of the ship are everywhere and you can have everything you want and even more.

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