Toddler Book Storage With Shelves

Toddler Book Storage With Shelves

I often wonder what it’s like to be a house owner and to manage to both decorate our homes as we want them. And while we try to be original I realized we haven’t even yet tried to find out what’s called a “reading niche” . Well, a very good idea of a book-storage niche we know is wonderful for big families with more than 2 children. The niche is made of wood and it can be a storing unit under the living room sofa. It’s safe, easy and it also looks very nice.

It’s a very simple book-storage niche that is slid and rolled and it fits the wall perfectly. It has little compartments at the bottom and I can easily guess you can pull out another shelf underneath if you lean it against a wall. This niche is made of wood, very appropriate for the winter days, as it is very durable and resistant. It is available for $119.

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