Moon Cradle By Olga Novak

Created by Polish designer Olga Novak,moon is a multipurpose apartment that is still in time and still very new. The concept was adapted from a very simple space, and the steps required to create different space convertiveness in the living room. They took into account the functionality of the kitchen and the double bedroom, in order to obtain an inexpensive […]

Couch Frame – Catching Translation Of Pastel Colors And Positive Energy In A Collection Of Bathrooms

We all share a similar story, although we sometimes hesitate to talk about the pastel color palette because we don’t want to see how it would look like in our homes, hence our very well-defined preferences. However, for the majority designers approach taking a different approach takes a different form.Catch the Catch has a pastel color palette that contains shades […]

Used – Acceptable And Timeless: Brick Wall For Universal, Renovation Of 78 Square Meters

Clients’ requirements don’t always have to do more than just beautiful colors and comfortable seats. In fact, we often hear that sometimes a renovation is more than just a renovation. There are cases when an apartment or an house is furnished with new features and doesn’t really express anything new. Others clients are looking for something minimalist, modern and without […]