Remodeling Ranch House In Calistri, Texas For A Family In Desperate Need

This mid-century modern home was in need of a renovation. Central to the mid-town project we worked on for several years in the fall of 2007. We wanted to create something unique and adaptable that would seem contemporary but also charming and comfortable. fitting the client’s specific taste and personality we present you yet again with a beautifully balanced selection […]

Tension Bars

I don’t think you have to have a very old house and to have an old bar and to decorate it in a nice way. It would be just too much. Such homes are very luxurious and take a lot of time. We start with this lovely Paradise Valley Country Bar. It used to be a ranch and its owner […]

Sadie Stein Stone Stone Stone House With Exquisite Fishbone Parquet Floors And Glass Walls

Who could imagine having a beautiful fishbone parquet floor in their home? This is how the name of this beautiful house was widely used throughout history, possibly from the word “beach” to the French seaside. This house is located at the shore of Lake MSG in Bodrum, Turkey. As you can see, the construction of this house was already impressive […]

Tables With Leaves

The kitchen is usually the central area from the house, but recently it has really changed. Now the kitchen has more importance and also more space. Now it’s not just for cooking, but also for eating and drinking your dinner. Since the kitchen is connected to the other rooms of the house, it’s important that the owners have as much […]