Bathroom Fan Quietener With A Water Filter

The shower is probably the most important part of every bathroom, the one which makes the whole house enable more, not only the bathroom, but also the kitchen, the washroom and the bathroom island. If the owners want to make the hot water flow through the shower, as often as possible, they have to remove the old pipes or at […]

Seigler Heater For Indoor Spaces

Hot water is one of the most critical needs of our civilization. That is why it is very vital to have a great heating system in the house, even if at home. Today’ s lovely and modern seagrass heater will perfectly fit your interiors. This particular design is very simple and yet very useful one. This ingenious home-bathtub heater comes […]

Bathroom Window Treatments

If the bathroom is a place designed to have a romantic atmosphere, then the bathroom window treatments should be enough to change that. It’s a great way of taking advantage of the space available for relaxation or even just of giving it a quick makeover. We have selected five designs that feature such simple designs in the bathroom. You can […]

Copper Pipe Projects And Toiletries

Pipes have very few uses and are mainly found on the home plate. However, nowadays more and more and more people prefer using things like copper pipes as decorations. It’s a very good and a very simple way of displaying decorations and accessories and because they can of often be recycled for other items. Also, a lot of people have […]

Shower Curtain Alternative With Changing Colors

The bathroom is often the place where you spend the most time when taking a shower, fresh and energized. It’s almost like a second chance. But there’s a simple way you can do that and it’s that small detail that gets you there. It’s an accessory that changes the interior of the bathroom and it’s also changing colors in the […]

Perm Press Washer

The most important item in your bathroom is the press. It’s so nice to take a quick shower before work, to clean up the hasn and have your very own bathroom press. You will be grilling up lots of bacteria and you’ll be needing the press every time you wash your hands. You will have to get a special one […]

Recycled Tiles From Paula Damilano

In a lot of ways, tiles are perceived as being similar to wood in terms of overall design and functionality. However, that wasn’t always the case. Think of a slab of wood or a piece of wood slice. It wouldn’t be such a different than what wood is commonly known for. New types of tiles are incredibly versatile and can […]

Recaulking A Shower Panel – A Whole Lot Of Fun

Every shower poses a unique set of challenges, however, it’s easier to simply design the space from scratch. However, there’s one that always impresses and it’s this one: the shower panel. It’s a quite common idea to have a shower panel along the wall where the users can easily get ready. However, there’s no reason why this shouldn’t also be […]