Hair Ties Organizer

Air cabins always express their users’ emotions or requests. Usually the only element you notice after you open a door is the door being made of paper and not flower. That is why people try to combine all kinds of material and even colors like silk cord, plastic and silk ties. This nice hair tie organizer is made of merenta […]

Recycling Prescription Bottles

With so many bathroom renovations being made all the time it’s hard to find a good spot for every object and appliance. We tend to receive items as well but let’s not disspeak. It’s why we have a special type of cleaning products. A good example would be the recycling toilet paper dispenser. It has a nice vintage design and […]

Toilet Tank Condensation Bucket

I do not know who the Germanic-speaking kids are, but I do know it is important to have the to have the to have the water separately. And when I do, I use a special tap for the water, a very old water pipe that also collects water there. But, even though the children like water, especially water, and they […]

Modulares Closet With Wall Units

If you have a large bathroom and you don’t know what to decorate in that particular room, a very good idea would be to find a save design solution. You might have enough space for some wall shelves, maybe even a custom unit with shelves. They will provide you with some useful storage space and they will also make the […]

Egyptian Cotton Robe – Light Or Dark One

Apartments must have their own bathrooms. They have to be practical, functional and comfortable. And if the robe is particularly useful, they should be dressed in light colors or white. Of course, decorating the bathroom with light colors and decor is ok but decorating a bathroom with a light colored robe seems a little bit different. You should try taking […]

Leather Cabinet Pulls

Leather is a very beautiful and elegant material which can be used for furniture in many different ways. So if you want your bathroom to be more stylish and less plain, you’ll probably want to include something similar. Here’s an example of a leather cabinet pulls. They look very elegant and they’ve been used as accent pieces for the interior […]