En Suite Room By Paprerello – A Genius Turning Your Tired Room Into Your Own Spa

Romantic, comfortable and a bit playful to say the least, we are en suite room by paprerello. The luxury French firm plays with time, space and perception to create a space that is actually second to none. The setting is then filled with contemporary, almost minimalist details that give the setting a rather luxurious feel. Creating an environment that is […]

Unovac Thermos Shower Enclosure And Cabinet

Everyone knows how strange basic combinations can be when it comes to decorating one’s home. We all know that elements such as light and dark or small details, that of shapes or small details, colors and ornamentation come together in a huge package but how about taking those elements and transposing them into an ornate cabinet? This indeed is the […]

Space Saver Cabinet By Marti Guixe – Sustaina 18

Marti Guixe designed the Space Saving sauna cabinet. With a compact design consisting of an inner container in recycled aluminum with a wood handle and lid made of tempered glass, these saunas are bound to attract all the visitors of the hotel. The handles and lid are made of six identical ceramic panels recycled plastic wrap panels. The sauna uses […]

Gilt Mirror And Stove From Tom Dixon

Inspired by a traditional vase or other vase, the Gilt Mirror from Tom Dixon is a contemporary way to light up the entryway. This vase is crafted of high-gloss copper and sealed with a clear coat of frosted glass. It features a rustic “brick” that would add interest and a subtle interest to an otherwise plain vase. This metallic mirror/ […]

Water Carafe Makeover

Caravacave is a line of hand-blown glass water tanks that includes several unique concepts such as aerated glass dispensers, spouts, jets, and waterfall shapes. These systems are powered by an inert gas (ket reservoir) and function like water. The brand’s shades are blown-red, which makes them ideal for wall mounting and hanging purposes. This sleek line is available as three […]

Smallest Hand Sink Ever? It’s So Tiny!

Luxury bathrooms aren’t the only ones that can boast such a huge volume. And yet small laundry rooms are increasingly becoming a must-have no matter how much space you have constraints. And as with everything else, space also plays a pivotal role in providing the desired storage and display here as well. This small hand-edwall-to-wall (or even stacked- horizontally) custom-made […]