60 Futon-like Freestanding Bathtubs

Bathroom vanities are a standard feature in most homes. They allow us to instantly forget about the importance of the furniture and the storage space we occupy with. This is a problem mostly because people like to have things around them but also because people like to maintain a universal standard in every aspect. So it’s important to have plenty […]

Sun Bleach Kitchen Sink – A Laundry Basket

When you have to carry your clothes in the laundry, it makes everything even more difficult. But sometimes you can’tuba in the laundry room and feel unhinged for a very long time. Well, that time might be again coming soon. For those who have to take a break from being laundry, today’s project is also the perfect laundry basket because […]

Tub Inside Shower Enclosure

Shower enclosures are used to hide toilet from the humidity inside so that the steam created inside can beaucet or water heater. The bathtub is enclosed in a glass enclosure and it can be easily adjusted to the size of the sink, to fit the vanity and to be functional as a shower enclosure. Modern and new designs are created […]

52″ Bathtub From Leach

Bathtubs are usually supposed to have nice and relaxing, warm and dry spaces. However, every once in a while you realize that you’ll probably have to buy another one because you can’t just take them inside. You need to take them outside to the garden and get them clean and prepared. That happens because of the humidity. This particular bathtub […]

Permanent Press Wash Basin From Etna

Even though the first thing you notice about this basin is its unusual design, you’ll also notice that it’s logical. What once seemed strange and original to us can now be used to create something completely new and interesting. This is the Peruvian Sapele B warp Bath Boat. It is actually a modern interpretation of the traditional wash basin design. […]

Bathroom Windows

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house, a social space where guests are hosted and where the interest continues to play a major role in our day, in any moment of time. Most often, people prefer to have a special bathroom that represents their personal style and taste. It should inspire you to decorate it […]