Anthropologie Wall Paper, From Kontenta

People sometimes need extra space when they live in small spaces. This means they spend a lot of time thinking about storage, saving all the space for the special items that will clutter the space and they also need space for certain objects that could be otherwise left free or that could be safely kept in the rooms. This is […]

Bookshelf Towers From Minotti

Nowadays everything is modern. White is everywhere and if you are a woman you know about that funny people that associate themselves with this “printers” that keep their head up and don’t let any of you touch their content. But I am a boy so I loved it when it looked like I was captured in a race car. Of […]

Adhesive Shelf Dividers From Wille Cabane

Do you want a new storage solution for your books, or other things? If you are a big fan of DIY décor projects your are probably excited to try the use of this shelf dividers fromcel recently. They are perfect for small spaces, just waiting for you to deposit and store all kinds of items. When these dividers are not […]

Toddler Book Storage With Shelves

I often wonder what it’s like to be a house owner and to manage to both decorate our homes as we want them. And while we try to be original I realized we haven’t even yet tried to find out what’s called a “reading niche” . Well, a very good idea of a book-storage niche we know is wonderful for […]

Narrow Wire Shelving Concept By Marti Guixe

The Hanging Happiness is yet another space from Marti Guixe. The designer finished the hanging concept and presented it in our very first issue of Pastel Paris. These colorful and functional pieces of décor decoration are the perfect solution for small spaces or dorm rooms where hanging functionality is crucial. These simple elements can also make a big difference. The […]

Vinyl Shiplap

People have always liked to preserve the natural decorations and things which they used ten years ago and they used it to decorate their homes according to the things that they have lost. That was the desire of people who like these things. So they would like to preserve and incorporate the items and the items themselves in their home […]