Narrow Wire Shelving Concept By Marti Guixe

The Hanging Happiness is yet another space from Marti Guixe. The designer finished the hanging concept and presented it in our very first issue of Pastel Paris. These colorful and functional pieces of décor decoration are the perfect solution for small spaces or dorm rooms where hanging functionality is crucial. These simple elements can also make a big difference. The […]

Vinyl Shiplap

People have always liked to preserve the natural decorations and things which they used ten years ago and they used it to decorate their homes according to the things that they have lost. That was the desire of people who like these things. So they would like to preserve and incorporate the items and the items themselves in their home […]

Long Wood Shelf For Relaxing Outdoors

I know that there are staircases and corridors and the space I speak about is less and less common than you might think. However, in the house and especially in the living room, this space remains very important. So you can’t just throw your blanket on the floor and coss needed a few shelves for things that you need anyway. […]

Skinny Cabinet By Benjamin Grainley

I’ve always liked delicate things and I think that inspired designers to also be able to take special pieces of furniture and combine them in order to get similar looks, to change a décor or to enrich it with unique details. The designer Benjamin Grainley managed to transform simple items in wonderful original piece that have all the potential of […]

Pegboard Hole Size Bookcase

There are a lot of ways in which you can create a nice look for your bookcase and in many cases a lot of imagination is needed. For example, you can choose to use pegboard hole. This storage system is very simple and it will look great in your home. It is a system which allows you to place the […]

Narrow Shelf By Iwan Baan

Located in Ovar, Bilš, Slovenia, this floating shelf is actually a refurbished simple shelf. The idea was to create something free coming in two different heights. The final result was unique and impressive and the only things that allowed me to get only one shelf are the stools and the table top. I didn’t expect the final product to be […]

Acne Zappers A Bali-Inspired Key Holder

Zappers is a fun and stylish store belonging to a series of Arab countries that feature locations that are easily accessible. They are situated at specific addresses for customers, allowing them to call up local craftsmen and then have them use their hard-earned free time to do the things they need. They are indeed useful items that are very trendy […]