Apartment Suite By Camenzind Evolution

This chic and modern penthouse is located in Madrid, Spain. It was designed by Camenzind Evolution. Apartment Suite by Camenzind Evolution: “This apartment was designed for a young family that wanted to create a chic, urban-chic home. The clients wanted this to be a space of relax, leisure and entertaining. The first challenge was to create the feeling of a […]

Temporary Outdoor Flooring Called Tiamo By Mutano Contracting

In the tropical coastal region of Tiamo Beach, in the Guanacaste province, a very lovely and minimalist Tiamo outdoor floor, designed by Mutano Contracting, will be taking on a series of curious shapes and reminding us of some Cylindroian decorative palaces that share certain unusual aspects. The area, a well preserved historic town located at the foot of Guanacaste province, […]