Fun Shower Curtains

Shower curtains are a must-have in any bathroom, but when you don’t need them there, they tend to take over your life. A shower curtain is a must-have in every bathroom, so it’s a good idea to choose it, if you don’t want a curtain. But for the bathroom and even for the bathroom design, we have prepared some shower […]

Blackout Curtain Rod For Bathroom With A Minimalist Look And Rather Quirky Design

Bathroom is a space that needs to be functional, elegant and organized and blackout curtains can definitely help but can also be beautiful decorations if used correctly. The curtain measures 8?x18?, the rod is 18?x36? and the overall dimensions are L100.5?. You can buy them for only $220 and guess how exactly to make them even more eye-catching by the […]

Recycle Prescription Bottles

If you just have enough time for a bathroom overhaul, you might want to consider the idea of a DIY project. It’s a great way of getting to enjoy some new and fresh pair of glasses or two. If you want to be able to easily replace some of your old bottles or make good saves using the old ones, […]